About Us

Primior is a strategic real estate development firm and leading innovator offering a uniquely integrated suite of services and resources that include asset management, investment management, property management, architectural design, and financial services. In addition, we offer innovative approaches to investment vehicles including Real Estate Investment Trusts and Opportunity Zone funds. Our comprehensive knowledge of real estate, professional team, and cutting-edge technology combine to deliver superior levels of value, income generation, and return on investment.

An effective and trusted property management partner is essential to maintaining and increasing the value of a property as well as attracting happy, long-term tenants. We will ensure that those routine, day-to-day requirements are handled professionally, including timely collection of rent; upkeep, maintenance and repairs; and lawn care and landscaping.

Meet the Team

Frank Sauceda » Residential Property Manager
Picture of Frank Sauceda
Frank Sauceda, a native of California, has been involved with property management for many years. In his time with Primior, Frank has managed to significantly grow the property management side of the business in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Frank is very active in NARPM and has worked with the organization to help promote best practices for property management. Frank is bilingual in both English and Spanish and frequently uses these skills to facilitate tenant relationships. These mutually beneficial relationships lead to high occupancy rates, renewal of long-term leases, and minimal turnover.
Jane Lu » Property Manager
Picture of Jane Lu
Jane Lu has been a resident of California since 2011 and earned her real estate license in 2014. She has been working with Primior for a few years now and loves her career. Her talents include her native bilingualism of both Mandarin Chinese and Korean. Jane has extensive experience liasing with tenants and landlords as well as negotiating with contractors. On a personal level, she focuses on customer service for all parties involved—facilitating satisfied tenant experiences and landlord success.
Brian Bogulski » Leasing Specialist
Picture of Brian Bogulski

With more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate, Brian Bogulski has been involved in the purchase, sale, and leasing of properties ranging from single family homes to multi-million dollar commercial buildings.

He prides himself on the incredible service he provides his clients by working with them in a collaborative environment to achieve their goals.

Brian graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. He loves working with technology and trends to help educate his clients about the market forces that can affect their transactions.